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Oni Rogue-Like: Evolution 0.974H Win/Mac/Linux

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Oni Rogue-Like: Evolution 0.974H Win/Mac/Linux

edit2: Fixed another dumb error with Kitty being able to masturbate. Poor girl. Also one involving Rogue throwing her clothes back on after certain sex acts. Version c. . .

Ok, this is the updated build for version 0.974. It's not at 100% yet, so again I stress that this version is for people who want to test, and those who just want to play a smoothly performing game should wait a week or so until I give a final OK on a version. This version includes some diagnostic code to help you test out new features, so any time that time passes, a message will pop up telling you where each girl is, and where she is headed, and if you are at either location, it should say that she is either leaving or arriving, and play some more casual indication of that. If any of that stuff seems to not be working right, let me know and what it said.

Also, some people were reporting some dialog errors during sex scenes involving "line 1500" or so. I made some changes that might have fixed that, or if it didn't, it should at least have shifted the problem to instead proc a line of dialog like "tell Oni this. . ." let me know if you see one of those and what it said.

Bugs likely fixed since the last build:
* You can now choose masturbation directly form Kitty's menu.
* I added a whole list of new generic chit-chat, resulting in more natural conversations.
* Xavier can now catch you and Kitty in the act. Be prepared.
* Crowds should no longer creep on you when having threesomes in your own rooms.
* Rogue and Kitty should now leave the shower after having showeved, after you leave.
* You should be able to reach Kitty's room through all the same methods as Rogue's, but only after meeting her. In the last build some options were still firewalled.
* You can now explore Xavier's office again once per day, in the previous build you could only ever do it once.
* Fixed an issue with characters cleaning cum off after agreeing to leave it on, let me know if this happens again, and how it plays out.
* I added a variable correction system. If you ever have an issue where it says "K_Date not found" or any other variable, try going to the player room, opening the Tutorial, and running "Statchecker." This should fix any missing variables, although I'm still not sure why variables occasionally slip through the cracks.
* I fixed a few issues related to characters changing in and out of Gym clothes in the Danger Room, but let me know if any other issues occur around that.
* I fixed a simple error with characters contradicting themselves over classroom seating.
* I fixed some scheduling conflicts surrounding Rogue's flirty Classroom scene, it should fit more naturally into the curriculum.
* Probably some other little things in there, but unless I broke something new, this version should be a lot smoother. If I did break something new, buckle up.

Known issues:
* doing sexy stuff with Kitty while Rogue is around can cause Kitty's jealousy action to play instead of Rogue's. This is very weird, but will be fixed next time.