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Parasite Infection 2.15r by ParasiteInfection

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Parasite Infection 2.15r by ParasiteInfection

Parasite Infection 2.15r

- Figured out how to add the animated gif that 'grows' stronger as you become more infested. This is the first version of it.
- Fixed a couple small bugs with linkages between passages
- Added back button to captains log in log files
- Added transition art and mouth/neck parasite art for the 'self-view' of chet. Having it be a smooth transition makes the opening a lot more coherent already, I think it looks pretty good.
- Fixed a couple random bugs
- "Give In" mechanic improved via css and jаvascript. Now gradually fades in over time from infestation (faster w/ more parasites) and goes away when you self-impregnate or give birth. Does not get reduced when you masturbate w/o self impregnation.
- Added in escape pod functionality although it's still in development
- Added in art for Joan mindfucking
- Added in art for main character as blue alien girl. Doesn't have permutations yet for the various infestations
- Added coherent backstory for Antari biology, log can be found in the Engine Room
- Removed attitude from self-summary for now, replaced with "mental pressure" stat
- Added hypnosis and mind control ability based on pheromones. Pheromones have varying levels depending on your level of mental pressure. This will probably be changed in the future to be based on other factors but for now it is what it is. There are multiple types of hypnosis (overt, subtle, mindbreak). Right now I only wrote short excerpts for Joan but they should all be accessible.