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Bell Master Version 0.0.3 by Mip

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Bell Master Version 0.0.3 by Mip

Bell Master is a game about a man using Ivan Pavlovs classical conditioning to train his bitchy wife into a submissive slut. It will feature sexual training, corruption, and misunderstood psychology. Sounds exciting? Well, hold on one more minute.
The game is currently in pre alpha, which means it has little content, bad dialogs and horrible placeholder art. Oh, and probably a lot of bugs.

So why even showi it to you? Simple, I'm a programmer, not an artist. But I've been around long enough to know that some of you are artists, good ones. I'm hoping someone with some art skills sees the potential I see in this game and wants to collaborate on it. I'd also like a salty pile of feedback if at all possible. So I've implemented a feedback screen into the game (use it!). alpha:

- Bell training changed, training a stat now makes it easier to advance it but no longer forces a high minimum.
- Random events system with 3 minor random events.
- Changed the UI a bit, added some color and increased options scrolling speed.
- New bj variant with animation.
- Masturbation option with minor animation(s)
- New bath sub location added with related content.
- Idle and meaningful talk options expanded.
- Old man dialogs expanded (most of it still WIP, arousal completed).
- Choosing the same option multiple times can now result in different reactions. This has been applied to the masturbation, idle talk and meaningful talk options.
- Some improvement in loading time, still too long.
- Engine work, bug fixes, balancing and typo removal.