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TF runner by Sicco version

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TF runner by Sicco version

1. Lesbian vampire lover (female to vampire) - The transformation of a young chaste girl into an obscene lesbian vampire. This episode is complete, but I will improve it. So far, it can be done in three ways:
- Exorcism and become a human again.
- Become obedient to the lesbian vampire of the Queen Vampire.
- The state is vampire with a lesbian dominion and hunt for other girls.
2. Amazon touches (male to female) - The transformation of the knight who was tasked to conquer the forest amazons, in a woman. You, a proud knight, have fallen into a trap. Amazon Druid Kassandra will become your lady. If you serve it well, clean, wash, cook, you will survive. Kassandra slowly turns you into a woman. Maybe you're angry, maybe you're scared, maybe you like it. For your obedience, under her guidance you can learn potions (potion of breast growth, penis rooting potion or, in spite of her lady, potions other). Do you want to be an amazon? The episode is not yet complete.
3. Revenge Circe (male to pig) - The transformation of the ship's captain and his crew in the pigs. The episode is not yet complete.


Several bugs fixed, some sounds added.
Update 0.3

View self in mirror. Diary entries. Remind yourself the transformation.
In the first (vampire) episode. New figure succubus and dance for her.
In the second (amazon) episode. Inventory and dressing yourself. A great number of corsets, socks, naughty dresses and combat armor.
In the second (amazon) episode. If a player accepts his femininity, he can do homework for Kassandra much easier and get more stuff at the same time (mini-game).
In the second (amazon) episode. Meet a girlfriend who closer the women world. And new dialogs.
Other translations Polish, Italian, Portuguese (translated by google translator)