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Acerola - Sex Knight Cynthia - Tale of the Spunkstrong Kishi Jap Rpg

The realm was saved and order was restored.
However, even in the absence of a demon lord,
monsters populated the land.
Someone had to do cleanup; that duty fell to the Capitol Knights.

Here is the story of Cynthia, born in Central Capitol,
raised in the way of the sword and honoring the father who taught her;
as soon as she was old enough she applied for the Capitol Knights.
Fearless and selfless, she wants to protect the people.

She's about to achieve her dream.

Cynthia's initiation is a solo trial:
go into the woods and retrieve the Wand of Oakmana.
A piece of cake for a girl who grew up playing here.

She enters the woods and discovers a cave.
In all her childhood she'd never seen it before, and on closer look,
a young girl who calls herself a "mana spirit" emerges.
The spirit has lived in fear of the monsters.
Was Cynthia here to slay the monsters?
Would she undertake a side quest?

Acerola - Sex Knight Cynthia - Tale of the Spunkstrong Kishi Jap Rpg